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I was pleasantly surprised today to find myself and my work in the news, on the front page of the local newspaper, The Washington Daily News.

I’ve been running around town getting all my new friends in Washington North Carolina to put the flyer for my solo exhibition at the local Estuarium up in their stores and other busy places.  Word has been getting around.

Thursday, I was at the second day of a two-day social media marketing class at the Beaufort County Community College when I received a text from the newspaper’s editor, Vail Stewart Rumley.  “Do you have a couple of minutes to talk about your exhibit?”

Well, uh… yes…  (scarcely containing my surprise and excitement).

After class, we chatted for about 15 minutes on the phone and the online story appeared Friday morning.  Of course, I dutifully emailed the link to everyone I could think of before rushing out for another appointment.

While in town I searched for copies of the paper version and — surprise, surprise — the story was on the front page!  And, on top of that, the pelicans were sticking their heads above the fold, which is about the best place to be with a newspaper story according to my husband.

It was a powerful way to get my story out.  I want to thank our local kayak and bicycle merchant Liane Harsh at Inner Banks Outfitters and local artist Art Tyndall for putting in a good word for me with Vail at the newspaper.

I try to talk about my business to everyone I can and being bold about building a good network can pay unexpected dividends like this one.

And, yes, I AM framing a copy of the paper for the wall in my studio 🙂

All recent art can currently be seen live at my solo show at the Washington Estuarium, or in our website galleries and Our Store.

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